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San Diego based entrepreneur, Marina Gaspard began owning fitness centers after meeting her husband Nick Gaspard.  Marina has a background in Forensic Science and worked for the County of San Diego Office of the Public Defenders prior to coming on board with Nick in the fitness industry in 2014.

The love of Nick, business and Mixed Martial Arts brought Marina to where she is today.  With the busy and demanding lifestyle of owning multiple gyms and traveling, Nick and Marina did not plan on having children.

Fast forward a couple of years... On September 29, 2017 Nick and Marina were blessed with a baby girl...  Gabrielle Anne.

Now, five months into being a mom, Marina is learning the struggle of being a new mom in the entrepreneurial world.  She truly hopes her personal stories will show new moms how to believe in themselves and the fierce power that comes along with their new title.

Marina always dreamed of being an influence in the lives of women on a much grander scale.  Her time is now and she wants you to enjoy the crazy ride.

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